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Disclosure Based on the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”
We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and strive to ensure its proper protection.

Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, we confirm the purpose of its collection and carry it out by legal and fair means within the scope of our business activities.

Use and Provision of Personal Information

Under strict management and with the utmost care, we do not disclose the collected personal information to third parties, except when the individual has given consent or when disclosure is required by laws and regulations.

Security Measures

We strive to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage.

Compliance with Laws

We comply with laws and regulations related to personal information.

Regarding Emails

If you provide personal information, we may send you information via email or other methods. However, if you do not wish to receive these information distributions, please let us know. We will stop the distribution of information.

Contact for Personal Information Handling

For complaints regarding our handling of personal information, please contact the following:
Vis-a-Vis Corporation, Management Control Department, +81 80-224-7172