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Meals at SETONITE are OK without any preparation. Choose from main dishes and course meals using local ingredients, in the private dining space attached to each room. We are conscious of local production for local consumption for both dinner and breakfast, and we use menus and ingredients that allow you to feel the region and season. We also have a wide variety of drinks, including beer, cocktails, and soft drinks.



This is a course-style meal featuring a seasonal selection of meat, pizza, and other menu items.
*Some menu items may be subject to change depending on season and availability.


・Frittata (Italian omelet)
・Marinated prosciutto and purple cabbage
・Marinated olives

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Fresh seasonal vegetables from the local area will be prepared for you. The vegetables will be grilled and served on the grill in your dining space.

Daily Special Pizza

Pizzas are topped with seasonal ingredients; enjoy a variety of flavors depending on the season.

Acqua pazza with baguette

A SETONITE interpretation of "aqua pazza," a local dish from the Naples region of southern Italy. Enjoy it with a baguette.

Grilled Whole Chicken

An impactful grilled whole chicken. It is not only delicious, but isalso a photo-worthy dish.
* Grilled whole chicken is available for groups of 4.
For 1-3 persons, you can choose spare ribs or roast beef.


Desserts befitting the season are on offer.
*Photos are for imaging purposes.


SETONITE Breaksfast Set

Japanese-style or Western style breakfasts are available.
*Please select when making a reservation.

Japanese-style breakfast

・Rice cooked with salmon and lemon
・Miso soup
・small bowl

Western-style breakfast

・Hot sandwich (bacon, potato, cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes)
・Sala (boiled egg)
*Ingredients for hot sandwiches are subject to change depending on availability.


We offer a variety of single dishes that allow you to enjoy local ingredients. Other menu items are available; please look at the local menu.
*Only available at dinnertime.

Fried oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture

Enjoy with our special sauce.

Fish & Chips

Classic pub-style fish and chips are also on offer; this dish goes well with a variety of alcoholic beverages.


*Drinks served at dinnertime and up to 21:00.
*Drinks fees are not included in dinner prices.

A variety of beers, Japanese 'chu-hai', highballs, wines, other cocktails, and soft drinks are available.


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