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SETONITE Backstory


We want to convey the unique charm of the area, and you can feel it precisely because it is this region.

SETONITE was established in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. SETONITE is a special place located on the Seto Inland Sea, which has been attracting attention from all over the world.

Our goal was not only to create a lodging facility.
By including the functions of "gathering" and "staying" to a community, we began this project with the hope that we could contribute to the revitalization of the area, even if only a little.
To that end, this project has begun.

We hope you will stay at our facility and tour the area; experience the people, food, history, and culture of the region before and after your stay. We hope you will learn about the unique charms of the area, and if you can post about your experience, more people will be able to know about this region.
We hope that we can assist in this regenerative cycle in some small way, which will surely have a positive effect on the community.

Of course, if the time spent at this facility is not a time of rest and healing for both body and soul, it is difficult to have our guests fall in love with the community.
May the time spent in this special space be a special time for everyone.
May the whole region be a place where people want to come back to.
We will continue to take on daily challenges to further exceed the ideal SETONITE facility that we have started.